1.0.0b3 (December 16, 2019)

This is the third 1.0 beta release.

API Changes


  • Add capability to analyze aggregates to reports. (GH256)
  • solarforecastarbiter.reference_forecasts.main.make_latest_nwp_forecasts now only tries to update forecasts that have the same provider as the user’s organization (GH260)
  • solarforecastarbiter.validation.tasks.daily_observation_validation only validates data for observations with the same provider as the user’s organization (GH260)
  • Merge multiple quality flag filters together before applying in report generation. (GH260)
  • Made improvements the figures in reports to include categories: total, year, month, date, weekday, and hour. These are mapped to Total, Year, Month, Date, Day of the week, and Hour of the day when plotting. (GH4, GH224, GH273).
  • Added datamodel.ALLOWED_CATEGORIES dictionary. Categories are checked against this dictionary when creating a Report. (GH273)
  • Dictionary of metric results from metrics.calculator now has structure with levels of 1) category type 2) metric type 3) pandas.Series of metrics values with index of category values (GH224)
  • Added datamodel.ALLOWED_DETERMINISTIC_METRICS and datamodel.ALLOWED_PROBABILISTIC_METRICS dictionaries for importing metrics options outside of core. (GH286)
  • Add link to report to download HTML version (GH289)

Bug fixes

  • Log MIDC CSV parsing errors, but continue with other sites (GH254)
  • Fix issue of assuming the first report filter is a QualityFlagFilter, partially addressing (GH251) (GH260)
  • Test that pandoc report generation actually generates the HTML body (GH260)
  • Fix metric plot limits for newer metrics. (GH276)
  • Fix bug in which metrics table width was not calculated correctly, leading to not all metrics being displayed. (GH284)
  • Fix report table of content spacing (GH289)