1.0.0 (November 17, 2020)


  • Add reference aggregates of mean SURFRAD GHI and DNI, and sum of PV plants in Portland, OR (GH473, GH615)
  • Added a CLI option of --gaps-only when updating reference observation data to only update periods where there are data gaps (GH459, GH616)
  • Added CLI commands to update or fill in missing reference persistence and NWP forecasts (GH459, GH617)

Bug fixes

  • Fix labeling of probabilistic forecasts of thresholds (axis='x'). (GH611, GH613)
  • Added configurable timeouts when fetching NWP forecast grids to avoid timeout exceptions (GH130, GH614)
  • Fixed bug causing report observation and forecast metadata download to fail. (GH618)
  • Fixed bug causing incorrect x axis labelling of report metric plots. (GH619)