1.0.0b2 (November 15, 2019)

This is the second 1.0 beta release.

API Changes


  • Add function to compute an aggregate timeseries (GH223)
  • Simplify the creation of ProbabilisticForecast objects by passing a list of floats to constant_values to automatically create solarforecastarbiter.datamodel.ProbabilisticForecastConstantValues
  • Make API requests for probabilistic forecasts more efficient (GH240)
  • Create probabilistic reference forecasts using GEFS and automatically generate those values (GH240)
  • Expanded Contributing guide. (GH13)

Bug fixes

  • Fix handling of observation and forecast metadata in report timeseries and scatter plots. (GH238)
  • Fix overlapping labels on report’s total metrics plots and too short metrics table when more than 3 forecasts are selected. (GH163)
  • Fix report limitation of 6 forecasts due to how the color palette was specified. (GH242)
  • Timeseries plot legends can accomodate more items (20) by shrinking the font size and scatter plot legends were moved to the side to prevent them from blocking the data. (GH218)
  • Fix inconsistent forecast ordering and coloring in report bar charts. (GH204)
  • datamodel.Report and associated classes were missing from API reference documentation. Fixed. (GH228)
  • Fix loading datamodel.Report and datamodel.BaseFilter from a dictionary (GH249, GH137)
  • io.api.APISession Report methods were missing from API reference documentation (GH249)