1.0.0b1 (October 4, 2019)

This is the first 1.0 beta release.

API Changes


Bug fixes

  • Fix whats new documentation (GH143)
  • Fix run_persistence() start, end time issue. (GH147)
  • Fix issue with negative GHI forecasts derived from GFS model due to complications with unmixing interval averages. (GH144)
  • When computing reference forecast issue time of day, account for run_length when adjusting UTC to local time zone. (GH140)
  • Add lower and upper limits to clearsky index calculations in persistence_scalar_index() function. Reduces large errors near sunrise and sunset. (GH107)
  • Address numpy, pandas deprecations. (GH156)
  • Remove TODO, EXAMPLE text from reports template in favor of GitHub Issues. (GH167)
  • Account for timezone in metrics/report generation. (GH164)
  • Account for different timezones in adjust_timeseries_for_interval_label() with pandas >= 0.25.1. (GH173)
  • Bigger metrics graphics to avoid (but not yet totally prevent) label overlap. (GH163)
  • Handle empty observation or forecast in current report metrics calc (GH178)
  • Accept string or timelike objects to get_forecast_values() and get_observation_values() (GH180)
  • Fix return/assignment of None in daily_single_observation_validation() and make_latest_nwp_forecasts(). (GH182)
  • Fix failure to pass user-specified limits to check_irradiance_limits_QCRad(). (GH182)
  • NWP reference forecasts now account for interval label. This also fixes errors when computing forecasts with interval_label='ending'. (GH185)
  • Fix resampled/aligned observation/forecast labels in report. (GH184)
  • Fix limits for temperature and wind data validation. (GH139)
  • Make Report default filter attribute a tuple (QualityFlagFilter, ) instead of a single QualityFlagFilter. (GH166)
  • Fix bug in monthly, daily, hourly metrics calculation introduced by GH171. (GH207)
  • Fix inefficient data loading for reports. (GH208)
  • Fix documentation of window setting in run_persistence(). (GH203)
  • Reindex reference observation data to include NaNs when posting when appropriate (GH216)