1.0.0rc3 (September 16, 2020)

This is the third 1.0 release candidate.


Bug fixes

  • Fix PVDAQ time zones. (GH537) (GH540)
  • Fix missing PVDAQ sites. (GH539) (GH540)
  • Converted NOAA USCRN site elevation to meters. (GH545)
  • Fix non-deterministic order and color in time series and scatter plots. (GH548) (GH562)
  • Make scatter plot aspect ratio 1:1 and set same number of grid lines on the x and y axes. (GH419) (GH562)
  • Render W/m^2 with a superscript in time series and scatter plots. (GH562)
  • Render report preprocessing results with friendly names (e.g. Event Forecast) instead of class names (e.g. EventForecast). (GH406)
  • Correct incorrect timeseries plots used in reports for probabilistic forecasts with axis y. This bug was introduced in Release Candidate 2. (GH568) (GH569)
  • Adjust abbreviation of long reference forecast names to first abbreviate some words and then cut entire words from the site name (GH521) (GH571)
  • Fixed issue with UO SRML reference data fetching that resulted in posting NaN values for data that had not yet been included in SRML files. (GH543)(GH572 )