solarforecastarbiter.validation.validator.check_ac_power_limits(power, day_night, capacity, capacity_limit_low=-0.05, capacity_limit_high_day=1.05, capacity_limit_high_night=0.05)[source]

Check for extreme AC power.

  • power (Series) – DC or AC power.
  • day_night (Series) – True for day time points, False for night time points.
  • capacity (float) – AC capacity.
  • capacity_limit_low (float) – Lower bound in fraction of capacity.
  • capacity_limit_high_day (float) – Upper bound in fraction of capacity for day time.
  • capacity_limit_high_night (float) – Upper bound in fraction of capacity for night time.

flags (Series) –

True for values that are within the limits:
  • power > capacity * capacity_limit_low, AND * power < capacity * capacity_limit_high_day AND day_night, OR * power < capacity * capacity_limit_high_night AND NOT day_night