Construct two standardized Dataframes for the timeseries and scatter plot functions. One with timeseries data for all observations, aggregates, and forecasts in the report, and the other with associated metadata sharing a common pair_index key.

Parameters:report (solarforecastarbiter.datamodel.Report) –
  • data (pandas.DataFrame) – Keys are an integer pair_index for pairing values with the metadata in the metadata_cds, and two pandas.Series, observation_values and forecast_values.
  • metadata (pandas.DataFrame) – This dataframe has the following columns:
    • pair_index: Integer for pairing metadata with the values in the data dataframe.
    • observation_name: Observation name.
    • forecast_name: Forecast name.
    • interval_label: Interval label of the processed forecast and observation data.
    • observation_hash: Hash of the original observation object and the datamodel.ProcessedForecastObservations metadata.
    • forecast_hash: Hash of the original forecast object and the datamodel.ProcessedForecastObservations metadata.