solarforecastarbiter.reference_forecasts.models.nam_12km_hourly_to_hourly_instantaneous(latitude, longitude, elevation, init_time, start, end, interval_label, load_forecast=<function load_forecast>, *, __model='nam_12km')[source]

Hourly instantantaneous forecast. GHI directly from NWP model. DNI, DHI computed. Max forecast horizon 36 hours.

  • latitude (float) –
  • longitude (float) –
  • elevation (float) –
  • init_time (pd.Timestamp) – Full datetime of a model initialization
  • start (pd.Timestamp) – Forecast start. Forecast is inclusive of this point.
  • end (pd.Timestamp) – Forecast end. Forecast is exclusive of this point.
  • interval_label (str) – Must be instant