solarforecastarbiter.metrics.preprocessing.remove_outage_periods(outages: Tuple[solarforecastarbiter.datamodel.TimePeriod, ...], data: pandas.core.frame.DataFrame, interval_label: str) → Tuple[pandas.core.frame.DataFrame, int][source]

Returns a copy of a dataframe with all values within an outage period dropped.

  • outages (tuple of solarforecastarbiter.datamodel.TimePeriod) – Tuple of dictionaries with start and end keys. Values should be timestamps denoting the start and end of periods to remove.
  • data (pandas.DataFrame) – The dataframe to drop outage data from.
  • interval_label (str) – The interval label to drop.

pandas.DataFrame, int – The data DataFrame with outage data dropped, and total number of points removed.