Parse a buffered BSRN station-to-archive file into a DataFrame.

The BSRN (Baseline Surface Radiation Network) is a world wide network of high-quality solar radiation monitoring stations as described in [1]. The function only parses the basic measurements (LR0100), which include global, diffuse, direct and downwelling long-wave radiation [2]. Future updates may include parsing of additional data and meta-data.

BSRN files are freely available and can be accessed via FTP [3]. Required

username and password are easily obtainable as described in the BSRN’s Data Release Guidelines [4].

Parameters:fbuf (io.StringIO) – A buffer containing the data to be parsed.
Returns:data (DataFrame) – A DataFrame with the columns as described below. For more extensive description of the variables, consult [2].


The data DataFrame includes the following fields:

Key Format Description
day int Day of the month 1-31
minute int Minute of the day 0-1439
ghi float Mean global horizontal irradiance [W/m^2]
ghi_std float Std. global horizontal irradiance [W/m^2]
ghi_min float Min. global horizontal irradiance [W/m^2]
ghi_max float Max. global horizontal irradiance [W/m^2]
dni float Mean direct normal irradiance [W/m^2]
dni_std float Std. direct normal irradiance [W/m^2]
dni_min float Min. direct normal irradiance [W/m^2]
dni_max float Max. direct normal irradiance [W/m^2]
dhi float Mean diffuse horizontal irradiance [W/m^2]
dhi_std float Std. diffuse horizontal irradiance [W/m^2]
dhi_min float Min. diffuse horizontal irradiance [W/m^2]
dhi_max float Max. diffuse horizontal irradiance [W/m^2]
lwd float Mean. downward long-wave radiation [W/m^2]
lwd_std float Std. downward long-wave radiation [W/m^2]
lwd_min float Min. downward long-wave radiation [W/m^2]
lwd_max float Max. downward long-wave radiation [W/m^2]
temp_air float Air temperature [°C]
relative_humidity float Relative humidity [%]
pressure float Atmospheric pressure [hPa]


[1]World Radiation Monitoring Center - Baseline Surface Radiation Network (BSRN)
[2](1, 2) Update of the Technical Plan for BSRN Data Management, 2013, Global Climate Observing System (GCOS) GCOS-172.
[3]BSRN Data Retrieval via FTP
[4]BSRN Data Release Guidelines