, api_key, datastream, variables, start, end)[source]

Gets data from ARM API and concatenates requested datastreams into a single Pandas Dataframe.

  • user_id (string) – ARM user id.
  • api_key (string) – ARM live API access token.
  • datastream (string) – The datastream to request.
  • variables – List of variables to parse from the datastream.
  • start (datetime) – The start of the interval to request data for.
  • end (datetime) – The end of the interval to request date for.

DataFrame – A DataFrame containing all of the available variables over the requested period.


Elements of the variable list that are not found in the datastream are ignored, this is to allow iteration over many datastreams without knowing their exact contents. If none of the requested variables are found, an empty DataFrame will be returned. Users should verify the contents of the return value before use.

Occassionally ARM API returns multiple files that contain the same valid time. This function keeps only the last occurance of the data at a given time.


A user requesting data for the variables ‘down_short_hemisp’ and ‘short_direct_normal’ from the datastream ‘sgpqcrad1longC1.c1’ for the days between 2019-02-27 and 2019-03-01 could expect the following DataFrame.

                           down_short_hemisp  short_direct_normal
2019-02-27 00:00:00+00:00           7.182889            -1.399250
2019-02-27 00:01:00+00:00           6.943601            -1.317890
2019-02-27 00:02:00+00:00           6.686488            -1.235140
2019-03-01 23:57:00+00:00           6.943601            -1.317890
2019-03-01 23:58:00+00:00           6.686488            -1.235140
2019-03-01 23:59:00+00:00           6.395981            -1.226730