APISession.get_observation_values(observation_id, start, end, interval_label=None, request_limit='365D')[source]

Get observation values from start to end for observation_id from the API

  • observation_id (string) – UUID of the observation object.
  • start (timelike object) – Start time in interval to retrieve values for
  • end (timelike object) – End time of the interval
  • interval_label (str or None) – If beginning, ending, adjust the data to return only data that is valid between start and end. If None or instant, return any data between start and end inclusive of the endpoints.
  • request_limit (string) – Timedelta string describing maximum request length. Defaults to 365 days.

pandas.DataFrame – With a datetime index and (value, quality_flag) columns


ValueError – If start or end cannot be converted into a Pandas Timestamp