class solarforecastarbiter.datamodel.TimeOfDayFilter(time_of_day_range: Tuple[datetime.time, datetime.time])[source]

Class representing a time of day filter to be applied in a report.

Parameters:time_of_day_range ((datetime.time, datetime.time) tuple) – Time of day range to calculate errors. Range is inclusive of both endpoints. Do not use this to exclude nighttime; instead set the corresponding quality_flag.
__init__(time_of_day_range: Tuple[datetime.time, datetime.time]) → None


__init__(time_of_day_range, datetime.time])
from_dict(input_dict[, raise_on_extra]) Construct a dataclass from the given dict, matching keys with the class fields.
replace(**kwargs) Convience wrapper for dataclasses.replace() to create a new dataclasses from the old with the given keys replaced.
to_dict() Convert the dataclass into a dictionary suitable for uploading to the API.