adjust_site_parameters(site) Updates extra parameters with applicable datastreams from arm_reference_sites.json
detect_stream_overlap(stream_list) Detects if a list of streams contain any overlap
fetch(api, site, start, end, *, …) Retrieve observation data for a DOE ARM site between start and end.
find_stream_data_availability(streams, …) Determines what date ranges to use for each datastream.
get_period_overlap(request_start, …) Finds period of overlap between the requested time range and the available period.
initialize_site_forecasts(api, site) Create a forecast for each variable at the site.
initialize_site_observations(api, site) Creates an observation at the site for each variable in the matched DOE_ARM_VARIABLE_MAP.
parse_iso_date_range(date_range_string) Parses a date range string in iso8601 format (“start date/end date”) into a tuple of pandas timestamps (start, end).
site_variables_from_extra_params(…) Return variables expected at the site, based on the content of the datastreams attribute of the site’s extra parameters.
update_observation_data(api, sites, …[, …]) Post new observation data to a list of DOE ARM Observations from start to end.