1.0.0b5 (????)

This is the fifth 1.0 beta release.

API Changes


  • Report plots are now created using Plotly. Bokeh figure generation moved to solarforecastarbiter.reports.figures.bokeh_figures for users still interested in bokeh figures.(GH359)
  • Report timeseries plots no longer draw lines over missing data points (GH351).
  • Double clicking a forecast or observation in the legend of report timeseries plots will toggle the display of all other timeseries. (GH253)
  • Clean up any PhantomJS drivers created to render SVGs (GH344) (GH349)
  • Reference data updates can now proceed from the last value in the API to avoid any artificial data gaps (GH369) (GH353)

Bug fixes

  • Fix using deprecated ‘M’ string for a month offset in solarforecastarbiter.io.reference_observaions.srml.fetch() (GH341) (GH342)
  • Fix CLI report generation when status not set in report metadata (GH345)