solarforecastarbiter.reports.template.get_template_and_kwargs(report, dash_url, with_timeseries, body_only)[source]

Returns the jinja2 Template object and a dict of template variables for the report. If the report failed to compute, the template and kwargs will be for an error page.

  • report (solarforecastarbiter.datamodel.Report) –
  • dash_url (str) – URL of the Solar Forecast arbiter dashboard to use when building links.
  • with_timeseries (bool) – Whether or not to include timeseries plots.
  • body_only (bool) – When True, returns a div for injecting into another template, otherwise returns a full html document with the required <html> and <head> tags.

  • template (jinja2.environment.Template)
  • kwargs (dict) – Dictionary of template variables to use as keyword arguments to template.render().